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Supremely reliable


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The 10/22 is a quality weapon and will last a lifetime if you take care of it. My 10/22 is 25 years old this year and I can still run 500-600 rounds through it during range sessions without any issues.

I've run it in 100 degree weather and when it was -20 (F) without a hitch. You just have to wipe the internals so you don't have excess oil inside when its real cold. I have always used CLP on it instead of oil and that might be why it runs well in the cold. I've had pump action shotguns freeze up so the slide couldn't be racked when it was that cold out but not the 10/22. The rotary magazines are very well engineered. I have never taken mine apart to clean them and they still perform flawlessly. Once in a while I will stick a solvent dipped QTip in there and clean out some of the gunk but thats it.

It will also eat any ammo that I feed it. It will still rattle off a full 25 rounds out of a RAMLINE mag as fast as you can pull the trigger. It's no wonder that  Ruger has sold so many of them. They did a real good job with the design.

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