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  1. I have a CMMG conversion in my Delton, but have always used CMMG magazines which require no adapter. I'd look at the following things to see if I could figure out what is the problem. Is the adapter staying securely in place? Any shifting would cause problems Have the magazines been proven to work fine in a different rifle and are the broken in well? Is there any evidences of the bolt dragging on the adapter or top of the magazines? If it is dragging it could cause some of the problem. The light strike FTF shouldn't go with a magazine adapter problem unless the bolt is dragging on the adapter. I'm just thinking out loud as to what I'd look for in the trouble shooting.
  2. America is way behind on the utility and sense of suppressors. Although more and more states are allowing hunting with suppressors, you still have to buy your suppressor, give the dealer the $200 for the tax stamp and wait six months for it all to clear.
  3. I personally like the Bravo Company Gunfighter charging handles.
  4. Did you have to jump through extra legal hoops to get the 12 inch barrel and suppressor? Here it would cost you at least one if not two $200 tax stamps.
  5. I think the Ruger stock would look fine and it certainly would be an attention getter at the range. As a thought have your friend who air brushes do something with the Ruger stock.
  6. Glad to have you. We enjoy hearing for our fellow shooters from across the pond.
  7. Once I priced all of it out, I dropped the idea I might as well have bought a Thompson.
  8. The availability of .22lr conversions is going crazy. Kingston armory is making both M1 Garand and M14s in .22lr.
  9. If I owned every historical looking .22LR I like I'd be single.
  10. Couldn't resist.
  11. Those are fun to shoot. I always tease my wife when I buy a new gun I have to go accessory shopping.
  12. asmurff

    I'm Here

    Found and am signed in.
  13. True, I'd try it but for working with the lead, no sure it would be a good idea with my health. However now someone has come up with the idea, someone else will invent a way to make it faster.
  14. Interesting, but I can't say it is very practical.
  15. That is the type of sharpener I've seen in the local knife shop. I've been using a Smith's of Arkansas electric sharpener for a couple of years now, it has adjustable angles from 10-30 degrees. It works very well, like you I got tired of the time it took me to sharpen the traditional way, I still have some of my knives and all my bayonets I sharpen the old fashion way. This one would be a good choice especially for someone who has little or no experience in sharpening.
  16. Same to you TM and the rest of the group.
  17. asmurff


    RIP MicroGunner you'll be missed. :beer:
  18. I like the case hardening color and the grip matches very well.
  19. I know they do have some blue schemes, but not my choice. Besides Asmurff actually stands for Ammo Smurff and he is olive drab. ;D
  20. asmurff

    Bomb Jovi

    I was curious so I went to see a Muslim Tribute band called "Bomb Jovi" last night at a Mosque in Albuquerque. They performed songs like “Losing my Head over You,†“Rocket Launcher Man,†and “You’re Six, You’re Beautiful, and You’re Mine.†Their last song "Living on a Prayer Mat" almost brought the house down! Then this Muslim guy bragged about how he had the entire Koran on a DVD. I asked him, "Can you burn me a copy?" That’s when the trouble started. Author Unknown
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