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trigger rod thing in the grip area....


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not sure what its called.(pic is below)

jus for FYI to anyone. i bought a mapgul grip. to make it fit i had to drill into it or cut the nub....i cut the trigger nub thing off, flush with the clam plates when the hammer is cocked back. and it works 100% still.

i watched a youtube video on how to take the whole trigger assembly apart for a DYI trigger job and i can see where it would pay off to keep that nub on. but its only a spring follower it seems.


but yes. after cut. it works 100% still

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i did bother. i ended up getting a silly airsoft version of the grip so it was the same like in your pic. im going to end up buying the actual magpul one.

the rod effects nothing. so when i get the new one itl jus bolt on fine.

first post was jus an FYI. not sure why but i always make things mor complicated :(

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