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butt and barrel


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Also, can anyone tell me how to remove the barrel?  It seems that a nut of some sort has the barrel held in position.  The nut has two holes on opposite sides of it... Maybe some sort of special tool to remove it?  I've come to the conclusion that i should be able to add the stock from the umarex rifle on it.  Just a matter of ordering parts.  I'm hoping the barrel is the same way.  I need the longer barrel to make the gun legal if i add a stock.



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the barrel nut unscrews normally. its tuff. i used a screw driver and hammered it loose. im sure you can buy a longer barrel. buying from umarex is a joke though. im sure itl be at least $200 for the barrel.

after you get the barrel nut off you have to press out the inner barrel....

remove the flash hider. remove the barrel nut.

press off the outer barrel...i had to use a hammer :/

post #7 in my thread shows


if yuo have to hammer it off. mind you its soft alluumiumimn so use a rubber mallet. brace the barrel so you dont bend it. the inner barrel is inside the shroud...


not sure why and how his jus slid off with ease ;(

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**Should mention that adding a buttstock or adding a foregrip to a firearm classified as a pistol makes it a rifle.  Very illegal (think FELONY) if you do not have the proper paperwork and tax stamp for it.  Do a quick Google search on legally converting a pistol to a rifle.  Seems simple and easy to convert on your own, but can land you serious jail time if you don't go about it the right way.

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