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Colt M-16 90 Degree Safety

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Hi all! 

I just joined the forum, but have lurked a little in the past.  I really like my M-16, but the 180 degree safety was disturbing to no end.  Having recently acquired a Sherline mill and lathe, I decided to try my hand at re-engineering the whole safety mechanism.  I didn't keep track of working time, but I'd have to figure I spent at least 12 hours on this.  I have a few pics posted here, but I have the complete set up on Flikr.  If you go to full screen for the slide show and click 'show info', you can see a short description of each picture.

I don't particularly like the polished look, but until I decide to get an anodizing setup, it will have to stay shiny.  It sure beats a 180 degree throw.







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Yep. Look at the new Umarex catalog. 90 degree safety, FUNCTIONING dust cover. Also, from people who own newer versions, the chamber seems to have been enlarged to accept more varieties of ammo, and a stronger bolt spring is being used. Anna Dalton said that in order for me to use the newer safety cam, I would have to buy a new receiver so the "stamping" for the safety would match the lever position. BIG DEAL! Some kind "liability" issue, I bet.

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