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Getting the ISSC MK 22 Right

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Let me try to post a few more pics and paste some remarks I made on another forum summarizing some of the mods I made to my rifle.

The air soft sights cost about sixty dollars front/rear shipped to my door. You may notice the trigger guard has been modified by removing the "gay" stock webbing, hurts nothing, makes it look more SCAR-like. The top rail is epoxied on, no more playing around with wiggly picatinney rails. The 2 bolt carrier anchor block screws and the stock to spring guide screw are replaced with longer stainless screws (12 to 16 mm long M4 x.70 metric, length dependent on location) the original screws are all too short. That's why people report that the holes in their bolt carrier retainer (or anchor block, if you prefer) end up all wallowed out

The firing pin spring was trimmed back four coils to increase the force of primer hits and reduce FTF. About 75 rounds of .22 lr squirreled away in the butt and pistol grip add satisfying weight. The one piece scope mount is from an outfit called Model 1, find 'em online. The same scope mount is on the SCAR Heavy in the background. Those are Leupold scopes, one of the best ways to roll. GSG 5/ HK push pin set for the upper and lower are on the way (found on Ebay, RRAGES.com) to replace the stupid Chicago style screws. That's what the screw in a screw is commonly known as, a "Chicago" screw. They're often seen on holsters and slings and like to come undone and fall out.





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