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  1. Fine flatpicking by Mr. Tommy Emmanuel..You may dig this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIVwoCq9wKU
  2. No idea Tech Mike, but some damn fine fingerpicking. Loved the tune. The illusionist is fantastic as well. Thanks 8)
  3. Does it have a truss rod in the neck? If so you may need to set neck relief. The link below should help. https://www.acousticguitar.com/News-Features/DIY-Guitar-Maintenance/Adjusting-Neck-Relief Let us know how it turns out. 8)
  4. Hey Mike!!! I've never used it so I really can't comment on it. You might want to check out this site and post a question about it. http://guitarlogic.org/forum/index.php I hang out there as well as Drew and if it's electronics and music these guys are generally all over it. Hope this helps.. Rolland.
  5. Jeeeezzzzzz...Anybody priced 45LC???? Borrowed my sons Vaquero today, and was shocked when I'm paying $1.00 a round to replace the 50 I shot. Will leave that one at the house from now on. :confused:
  6. I thought that's what you try to accomplish, when your girlfriend stops by and your wife is asleep in the next room. ;D
  7. The great thing about it is we are only about 11 months from taking over the senate, and only 2 and 1/2 years from getting the head boob in charge out of the white house. A friend of mine, Benjamin Ghazi, has informed me Hillary may have issues in 2016. ;D
  8. My father gave me an old H&R 32 model 732. It is one ugly firearm, but it's free, so you can't beat the price. ;D
  9. Glad to see you got to go. I finally got to go yesterday. Just had a great time. Put a 100 rounds through my gold cup and my son, who just turned 21, got his brand new Ruger Vaquero and cowboy fast draw shooting rig, and popped off about 200 rounds of 45LC. I had more fun watching him than actually shooting. He's been looking at that Vaquero a year and been waiting for his 21st birthday. He got the exact model his hero "Cisco Kid" shoots, and I had a real hoot watching him in his cowboy get up and drawing from the hip. BTW....That Vaquero is THE sweetest revolver I have ever shot. I watched him take it out of the case, one handed, draw from the hip and come within 4 inches of center at 20 yards. And then he got better. Even with my shaky hands and bad eyes, the vaquero makes me much better shooter than I am. I'm jealous ;D Of course that night I was cleaning the gold cup and the recoil spring plug went flying somewhere. I had to backorder one from Brownells in brushed SS. I went ahead and ordered a bright SS so I could at least shoot it. BUT...I still had a blast!!!
  10. Thanks for this post Rodent. My cousin's there. I have a rubbing from years ago. His parents never got over it. And it still has a profound effect on me. http://virtualwall.org/df/FletcherKJ01a.htm
  11. I've been wondering about that car. Congrats and good luck with it.
  12. Ditto on that. If you're a picker you got to see Rudy's while there. Lot's of others as well.
  13. Tal


    ??? Our only hope is that Rodent doesn't get a hold of it and plaster it everwhere.. ;D
  14. I absolutely dig NYC. Been there many times. Love the pics. I actually spent a week at the Times Square Marriott. My boss charged the local office for dragging me up there for some kind of problem. Good thing it was on the local offices nickel. Rate back then was $750 per night. :beer: Saw Les Paul at the Iridium. He played there every Monday night for the last umpteen years of his life. Very cool club, and they have live, free, web broadcasts, with a lot of great musicians. Check em' out. http://theiridium.com/
  15. Tal

    ammo shortage

    My nephew just brought me 550 round brick from Cabela's in Austing for 11.99. Said he walked in, saw it, thought of me, and bought it.
  16. Tal

    Veterans Day

    Thank all of you for your service!
  17. Tal


    That will get your attention.
  18. Tal

    Taurus Judge

    I'll 2nd that. 1st time I used mine was an indoor range and I had loaded with bird shot as well. By the time it got 10 yards out I was creaming my target, and both targets to the right and left of me. Went to buck and 45lc after that for range use. But for home use, I usually keep a couple of rounds of bird shot in a couple of cylinders.
  19. Tal

    Uh huh.

    Good one!!!! :beer:
  20. The last few months I'm seeing once rare items become a little more common. Except 22lr ammo. Great deal Drew. Thanks.
  21. This sounds like fun!!! I'll try to get an entry to you. You're just kiddng about the powder burns. Right? ;D
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