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pic of 10/22 archangel stock

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Before you change barrels decide what you want to use it for. I shoot Tactical rimfire matches and target barrels cause a fair amount off trouble in that type of fast paced competition, because they are pickier about ammo.

I think first upgrade on a 10/22 shoud be to get rid of the factory trigger, Timmey and Volquartsen both make drop in replacemens for around $200 with the upgraded bolt catch mod already done.

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Looks good so far. As per the recommendation of a trigger upgrade, that is one of the best mods you can do to a 10/22. If yours is a newer version with the Plastic Trigger Housing, KIDD offers a drop in trigger kit consisting of a new Trigger, Hammer, Hammer Bushings, Sear, Disconnector, Sear / Disconnector Spring and new Hammer and Trigger Pivot Pins.

This Kit comes with the Trigger, Disconnector & Sear all assembled with a slave pin installed which makes installing the trigger assembly a snap to install. Drop it in, align the hole in the trigger with the hole in the trigger housing and push in the new trigger pivot pin (which pushes out the slave pin in the process).

I have installed two of the KIDD Drop in Trigger Kits now in new 10/22's with the Plastic Trigger Housings and in both the result was the same, a nice crisp trigger with a pull weight of 2 pounds 2 ounces.


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