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Awesome Alert! Vertical Grip w/ light, tac light, laser


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First post so hello.  one of my favorite things is to find great deals on anything.  so as a first post im going to drop something i found which i thought was awesome.  its a vertical grip, tac light, and green laser combo.  i liked it so much i bought it and guess what. it IS awesome.  for 100 bucks you cant beat it especially for .22s.  bright, laser is awesome and windage/elevation adjustable, SUPER solid feel.  its mostly metal with a abs plastic grip.  check it out.  let me know what you think and IF you can find it elsewhere or a comparable item for a better price.  betcha cant!  (official challenge... go!) 



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Very nice this guy has this http://www.m-guns.com/tools.php wich IMO is better in getting around obstacles with light above the rifle bore.He's perfecting it should be available around fall 2012.Battle comp has something similar but it sits a little higher above bore.Michi-guns will allow light laser combo above bore.With laser running parralel to barrel you would have a costant zero just have to figure offset.

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