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  1. Outstanding job on these builds,hard to belive they aren't centerfire. :thumb:
  2. Welcome from Indiana brother scott.
  3. How does the AAC compare with the Dyna for recoli? Like the AAC gives the option for a can down the road.Hope you and everyone here had a good father's day. :thumb:
  4. I was born and raised on the southeast side of chicago.As an apprentice was working the rober taylor projects my partner and I were both armed with pistols, the trip ther was if you parked with your truck/car facing the building they [bad guys] would throw object out window to hit windshield and splatter glass in face :o.Had a black security guard with us but he wouldn't leave the truck as he was scared to death.Changed him out for a guy from gang crimes unit [local precinct would rent a L.E.O.]he had no fear.One day they set fire to one of the boiler rooms we were venting out.One day they sent out a sherrifs deputy he came out with 4 clips and his sherrifs jacket which we changed out least he became a target and got us ALL killed.In one room a rat as big as a german shepard was running around my partner said "shoot him" but we were in a cinder block room and a richocte would have probably hit one of us,rat won we left.The things you do to earn a living.Told my neighbor [L.E.O. in indiana and swat guy] where I was working he said"I wouldn't go in there with a division of guys".
  5. Some asshole from the westside chicago,when it eventually went to trail he walked as it was gang-related. >:( Still don't know why I wasn't hit as he was aiming right at me and I could hear the bullets wizz by. :confused: To bad it took a tradgedy for me to change my life.
  6. Young and stupid my bro and I go to a wedding, pissing in the restroom bro's revolver falls out of his pants and spins on the floor [lucky no a.d.]guy next to him walks out in shock :o don't think he zipped up his pants......Wrong place at the wrong time we get shot at,I live but it cost my best friend his life.Wasn't 16 yet.
  7. You always put together nice and practicle arms brother Tom. :thumb:
  8. I don't see a lot of soft 5.56 and have shot and seen Remmington in .308 with soft points. :confused:
  9. Why aren't FMJ rounds allowed at some ranges? Not an issue here in Indiana just can't shoot tracers.
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