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Smith & Wesson MP 15-22 selector pre-order

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They are available now at Simple Weapon Solutions, we haven't put it on our site yet :p

Jon at Simple Weapon Solutions has much to do with the accelerated development pace of the 15-22 selector. We had discussed the possibility of it internally, but we didn't know if there was any interest. Jon made prototypes of the centers and, based on the responses and feedback on the SW forum, we decided to work together and bring it to market.

Price wise, it's the same as the .223 /.308, as it's the same material. Early on, the possibility of using aluminum was discussed, but the grade of aluminum we would have used was just as expensive as the 12L14 steel we already use, and would bring no additional benefits, so the center isn't "downgraded" from the .223 /.308 version, it is the same.

The 15-22 kit, is treated like any other selector we have. It comes with a KNS detent, two extra Grade 8 screws, a detent spring, and a T10 Torx wrench. No corners have been cut because it's meant for a .22LR. While a .223 / .308 selector will not work on a 15-22, a 15-22 selector can work on a center fire AR, so it'd be a poor policy to cut corners and ignore the possibility that it may be mistaken for a center fire selector and used in that manner.


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