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Advice on a tactical .22


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I've decided to to get a .22 and like the tac look,so that's the direction I'm heading.300.00 is my ceiling and I was hoping to get some advice on which way to steer my money.Right now I'm looking at the Mossberg Tac .22 Auto Loader.Accuracy,ease of break down and cleaning and any other info on the subject would be appreciated.

Thanks y'all.

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I have heard they are ok....I do not like them, but that's just me........The price is not bad as all of my 22 cal clones were above $450....With the exception of my GSG AK 47 22 which was $399....

They have rails on the hand guard where you can attach a wide assortment of accessories.............There are pics of my junk some where on this forum.

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If $300 is your ceiling then the Mossberg would fit the bill. I've only handled on in a store, so have know idea how well they shoot. I did think it would be a good starter rifle for my wife if I could get her interested in the Tactical Rimfire matches I shoot in. If you aren't set on it being tactical right off the bat, there are several .22 semi-automatics under $300 which can later be put in tactical style stocks.

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