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Welcome Tactical Armz Suppressors


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Welcome Tactical Arms Suppressors as a new site sponsor.

You guys are going to love the .22 silencers

From the Tacarmz site

After years of staying dark in R&D and special projects, we're entering the civilian market with products that adhere to the highest quality standards that the world of computer aided technology can give us, while sustaining a fair and affordable purchase price.

Let's face it, most of you will have to hand Uncle Sam $200 for your transfer tax stamp, and that makes buying a suppressor or SBR an even more costly proposition. We'd like to think that we can help with that.

We've been working on designs that will meet, or exceed your expectations, be user friendly, and, user serviceable. Whether you're on mission or on vacation, in-theater or in the back yard, you deserve quality, dependability, and consistency, at a price that won't break the bank.

Our testing methods are much the same as other companies. We have state of the art dB meters with computer based frequency analyzers and other analytical tools but, we find that simply gathering a group of friends with cans from all over, and having a good shootout is more fun, and, almost as precise as the electronics when it comes to what the human ear actually perceives. It's not a substitute for the technology, but it's a damn good excuse to blow a lot of ammo.

Additionally, I have, and always will, test all of my prototypes with fully automatic weapons, dumping a mag & reloading, dumping that mag and reloading, and so on until I find a failure point, or my trigger finger can't take it anymore - whichever comes first. I mention this only to ensure you that I have tortured my products beyond the point of reason and, when I state that a particular can is NOT full auto rated, it would be wise to trust me. Likewise, when we rate a can for fully automatic fire, you can be assured that that particular design has been put through some insane testing.


As long as the proper caliber and standard loads are used we will warranty our products, to the original purchaser, for life. Another fine company says, "We warranty everything except stupid", and I can't think of a better way to say it. If any part of one of our products fails due to defects in workmanship, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, the damaged parts at no charge except shipping. If one of our products fails due to misuse, abuse, or anything otherwise under the control of the user, we will repair or replace the damaged parts at our cost of parts and labor.

Dealer inquiries are welcome

Please contact us directly for Military and Law Enforcement pricing

Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy your stay.

Bill Moll

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