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AR .22LR scope


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Just gathering a few opinions....

I am thinking of purchasing a TACCOM dedicated upper, and need an optic. The primary range I will be shooting at is 25 to 50 yards. The Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 3-9X40mm has caught my eye, due to the price-point and positive reviews. any thoughts? Am I going to have focus issues (parallax, etc.) shooting at such close ranges? (25yds)

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That looks like a nice scope, I especially like the BDC for .22lr. I don't know about using it at 25 yds, description said to zero it at 50 yds, and the BDC is good out to 150. Shooting the 36gn Federal Bulk, POI would be 1.3" lower than POA  at 25yds. So, zero at 50, shoot about 1.5" low at 25 & all should work. Excepting high magnification - that would probably be an issue at short range.


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