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The "better platform"


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In this era where everybody and his sister is jumping into the "tactical .22" market it's worth nothing the GSG series is the "ideal" option.  The magazine is of the correct size to handle the .22LR cartridge, and the platform is capable of accepting any and modifications that bring it into line with any "factory MP5."

The GSG mags are very well made, sturdy, and have proven to be highly reliable.

The GSG has a honest-to-goodness bolt hold-open lock.

The GSG is based on a design originally housing a 9" barrel which makes it modifiable using factory available parts.

The GSG is the same "pattern" as the MP5 and will accept the same furniture.

Thanks to the continued introduction of new .22 Tactical firearms, the price of the GSG has diminished...which means, "go buy the GSG!"

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I think it's worth noting that H&K slash Walther didn't jump into the tactical .22 arena until success was assured.

While H&K's proprietary branding is more expensive, what does it bring to the table beyond the GSG series?  Nothing to be blunt.

H&K is thinking about cash only...if they can garner buyers based on "name" versus GSG, then why not.  While I understand that, the GSG has never needed a great benefactor to keep on running!  The GSG is now below $300 acquisition cost...VERY competitive with the 10/22 and certainly better than the HK version which offers nothing materially better.

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