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GSG AK lose funiture and Magazine mods?


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Hi, I purchased a GSG AK a few weeks ago, have not fired it yet, hope to break it down, clean it up, lock tight that safety screw, was hoping to go out this weekend...but looks like the weather is not going to agree!

Any way...I was wondering if any body who owns one of these has done anything to address the sloppy/loose fit of the fore grip and stock?  How about the ATI fore grip and/or the R.A.S. system? are they more ridged? Same question with the folding stock, is it any better?

I have looked at these issues a little, on the original stock, looks like a third (a second screw on top) screw could be added. On the fore grip, I have been thinking about either machining some clamps  or welding some tabs to the  barrel cover that would allow a couple of screws to be placed through the fore grip...

Any body have any other thoughts or info?

Also, I purchased it from a store that only sells compliant models, Can the mag be modified to full capacity?  It does look like on the limiter, it has serrations where it can be cut off and it would have a 16 round capacity. But I am also wondering if the limiter could be cut down further, looks like the spring is much longer then what would be required for 10 rounds. Once I decide to pony up for a couple of full capacity mags, then I might be more inclined to play around with the 10 round mag and see what happens!


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A little life to an old post.........Three years ago I got my GSG AK 22 with the wood and the plastic furniture.......I decided that I like the wood much more than the plastic.................................I have about 2K rounds thru it with no real problems.....Prints 2" at 100 yards with iron sights.


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I have done well, finding ammo...just seem to be spending all my time with my bolt action stuff, wanted to set it up with a red dot for my daughter, but with a side mount, it is so far off it can not be sighted in! have not taken the time to see if I can correct it!

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