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  1. lmao_37

    I'm Here

    Sorry to hear of Carols mum passing. I know how you feel about crazy hours iam on a crazy schedule at work now as well but as my fire dept sent me to school to get my instructors certification I have to stick to it as iam off for every fire meeting. I have been shooting down on my friends ranch over the last year and I have shot a few times.
  2. lmao_37

    I'm Here

    Hi TM how you doing bud ?
  3. lmao_37

    I'm Here

    Hey I found it to I like the look of the site. awsome
  4. I have just got the result for the pro board exam I sat I also have passed the pro board exam and have earned another certification for my course.
  5. I have spent the last week at Texas A&M University at the TEEX municipal fire fighting school. I took the firefighter instructors course which entails a 40 hour training course and tests at the end which one is a presentation that has to last 7 minutes and no longer than 10 and the topic is in the NFPA fire fighter training manual. Well I passed the presentation part only dropping one point. And I took the written exam as well and passed the course, I also sat the Pro board exam that full time fire fighter take as well I passed the skills test just waiting on the result of the written exam now but pass or fail the pro board exam as I passed the TEEX instructor course means iam now an instructor on my fire dept.
  6. lmao_37


    Ian sorry for your loss MG will bw sadly missed
  7. Great news and I cant wait :thumb:
  8. Mine has become a safe queen because I cant get any ammo round here. I have shot it once in 2 years. I recently brought 200 cci mini mags from walmart I woukd have brought more but they were the last 2 boxes on the shelf.
  9. I took my NP2 out rabbit hunting last night and its nice not have to wear ears last night iys dam quite I got the first jack rabbit with a head shot at 50 yards and it was a clean head shot only thing is I cant get any photos to upload
  10. Hi and welcome :thumb: Well where I live 22's are like rocking horse poop I havnt seen any on a shelf in over a year. I brought a federal 550 brick from a work mate for $15 he used 30 out of the brick and sold the 22 rifle he had the price sticker on the brick was for $74.
  11. We have been freezing our butts off here in West Texas for a while now has 2 winter storms so my guns are sitting it out in the gun safe.
  12. The people that own the feed lot that were trying to get on at wont let anyone shoot rimfire as they had a tractor window shot out last year also they had some shoot a shotgun out there and had to spend a few hour rounding up scared cows as they knocked a fence down and ran off. The benjamin trail np2 is suppressed from the factory and its really quite compared to the old spring powered air rifle I had in the uk. This air rifle has a nitrogen piston instead of a spring but it will tale turkeys. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aZaexxNSqtg
  13. Do any of you do any pest controlling wirh you air rifles .Iam trying to get some rat hunting and pigeon hunting at a local feed lot. There is about 2000 cows out there and alot of said pests they wont let anyone hunt with rimfire because of the noise it scares the hamburgers thats why were getting surpressed air rifles. Also the 1250 feet per second 40 grain hp's flying around thats then other reason, the pellets iam betting ar 14.3 grains traveling at 980 feet per second.
  14. lmao_37

    New Years

    Happy new year guys :thumb: I hope you all have a great year.
  15. Does anyone own am air rifle or two ? Iam looking at buying a Benjamin Trail np2 next month iam going to be using it for shooting rats, pigeons and rabbits. I use to hunt the same critters in the uk with a 12 ft lb air rifle with great successs and I was wondering if anyone else has one ?
  16. Merry Christmas everyone I hope you have an awsome day.
  17. My wife brought me a digital powder scale this year. Moneys a little tight at the moment so have to scale back on gun stuff at the moment.
  18. Nice looking rifle I can't wait to see how it shoots :thumb:
  19. Well I shot 80 rounds of the 200 rounds of 69 grain ppu match ammo in my remington 700 and iam really disappointed with it first of all I had about 20 hang fires waited a minute and recocked the bolt and it fire so thats telling the primer isnt seated correctly. Second I have 4 cases with pieced primers and about another 7 or 8 with other over pressure signs with the primer poking out of the brass. Also I couldn't hit a barn door with it today i was aiming at the same aim point on the target and I would get a couple of flyers per box. When I shot my 77 grain nosler custom comps they flew straight and true. Iam mightly disappointed with this ammo iam glad it was a gift and I didn't pay for it. Still not happy though as I thought it might be some good ammo >:( iam gona stick to reloading ;D But ill strip this lot down and just reload the brass I have another 200 223 brass cases.
  20. And nothing is as satisfying as finding the pet laid for your favorite rifle or pistol and the churning out 1000's of them.
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