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Well I pulled the trigger!!!!!


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Last weekend I was calling and looking everywhere to try and find a M&P15-22 and I had absolutely no luck. One local gun store had a Colt M4 22 in stock and i put it in lay away. Well in the mist of calling any and every gun shop with in a 2 hour drive of my house I guess one store took my name and number to hold a M&P15-22 MOE Dark Earth. I do not remember this happening but anyways I got a call on the way from work that they just received that gun in and I can pick it up. Well they did not offer lay away and I only had 24 hours to pick it up. So I was in a mass panic to go to the other shop and with draw my money and race down to the other shop and get the exact gun I want to start. I am so happy I ended up with the M&P, I sold my last one last year and regretted it ever since. And I wanted to get a AR 22 before the possible ban so that is why I was going to settle for the Colt. But I am so so happy that I was able to get the exact gun and color I wanted for actually less money. Now I just need to get a good red dot and a nice barrel shroud (mock suppressor). Are there any good tips or tweeks that I need to know about? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks guys and I will be looking forward to getting to know you all.



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Well I took my son to shoot the new M&P last saturday because we had a heat wave here in MI (got up to 50) and it was awesome to get outside and enjoy the sun. First we sighted it in at 50yrds and then my son took over and continued to put 400 flawless rounds through it. This gun is as great as I remember. Hoping to get out and shoot tomorrow getting up to 40 so should be another great day. But only after we go to our state capital and support the Gun appreciation day to show we will not let our 2nd amendment be infringed.


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cool! glad you were able to get some plinking in! I only have about 150 rounds through mine, few failure to ejects, had one faliure to fire, that was with out a doubt the round, but so far I have not put any thing in it other then some cheap old ammo I had laying around...been stocking up on some better stuff!!

Enjoy the warm spell and your time at the capital!

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