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Some questions.....new guy.....

Delta Rat

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I just got a Colt M4 Carbine and I'd like to replace the handguards......I know it's easy to get them off but to to sure about losing the front sights to replace with a free float.  I have read that it leaves big holes in the barrel?  What if after removal I replace it wit the pins.......in new in this game and ANY help would be huge and appreciated. Also any recommendations on what would fit my rifle? I like the smooth longer type.


Also any other upgrade suggestions?

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Hi Justin, and welcome to Tac22.

To answer your questions:

* Removing the front sight will leave holes in the barrel shroud. The actual barrel on the Colt is a steel tube that is  inside  the aluminum shroud. I filled the holes in mine with JB Quick weld, sanded smooth after it was cured and Dura Coated the shroud. You could also hit it with a good quality flat black paint if you don't want to mess with Dura Coat. I think that replacing the pins would be OK, but they will stick out a bit.

* AR15 handguards do not fit on the Colt. Well, let me qualify that - the free float AR handguards don't fit. (If you have a Colt with a delta ring, I am told that AR hand guards fit those just fine.) The Colt uses an air soft style lower receiver, and the barrel nut threads are different from an AR's. However, I purchased a licensed Troy battle rail for my Colt, (an air soft rail), got it HERE. It works great, it is supposed to be the same alloy and anodizing as mil-spec. I have a Troy rail on my AR and I can't tell the difference - the air soft version is more than adequate for a .22 rifle.

* HERE is a link to installation pics - click on the PDF file to see the pictures.

Good luck!


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