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quad rail question on M16

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Guys, can I mount the 12" aluminum quad rail that comes on the M16SPR on the M16. This is Umarex part #2245113. The aluminum rail looks like it dose not attach using the forward bracket and rear ring used to attach the plastic forearm halves.

Does it simply bolt on to the barrel? Thanks for the help!

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Hi mls351w, You can but it will take some parts. The standard clam shell hand-guards use a spring loaded delta ring at the rear to keep the front firmly inserted in the cap. The SPR utilizes a free float rail, and the mounting is a bit different. The front cap, barrel nut and delta ring are removed, (You will need an armorer's wrench to remove the nut, and I recommend a handguard tool for removal), a different type of barrel nut is installed, that also has threads on the outside. The free float hand-guard then threads onto the barrel nut, and when in place two set screws on the bottom are tightened. You will also have to remove the front sight to accomplish this evolution. If you decide to do this, there are options other than just parts from Colt/Umarex. I put one of THESE on my Colt. Yes, it is airsoft, but is is anodized aluminum, looks & works great.

Good luck with your project

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From photos of the two rifles I figured there was a different mounting system. I have the M16 with the two plastic halves for the forearm, which is identical (close) to an actual M16. I assume the threaded adapter nut does not come with the new aluminum rail. I have already ordered the rail off of Gunbroker for $50.00 brand new. And it appears that getting parts from Umarex is not an option, so I may have to do a little engineering to accomplish this. If not, then I will get some other quad rail  and go from there.

Thanks so much for the quick reply and info. You have made me feel welcomed to this site.

I think I will be spending a lot of time here!


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