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Spare parts for gsg 5

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Hi. I have a gsg 522 and I want to purchase some spare parts for it just in case anything breaks or wears out. I have been trying to find out what parts came in the spare parts kit ATI use to sell for the gsg 5 so I could use that as a base for my list,  but all I can find are sites that still list as selling the parts kit but not having it in stock(I know ATI doesn't sell the parts kit any more). If  anyone could list the parts that came in that kit and how many of each I would need, also any other high wear parts that I might need to replace in the future so I can order them directly from ATI,  I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

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www.hotgunparts.com lists the entire conversion package as "in stock" for $50.  This is the package I bought a few years back and it comes with both the -5 metal front sight/cocking tube, and a plastic -5PK FS/cocking tube.  Comes with the smooth, Navy style pistol grip and classive safety lever, and the half-moon cocking knob.  Add an MP-5 rear sight - still available from www.rrages.com and you have an identical setup to the MP-5.

The conversion package also includes a metal upper receiver insert to replace the plastic version supplied with the GSG-522 with the plastic rail and tiny screws that render the entire setup meaningless.  Once you install the metal top piece you can mount a "real" HK style claw mount that is genuinely sturdy enough to handle the weight of an optical sight.

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