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My 10/22 Project/Build


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This is where I am beginning, This stock came yesterday,  After about a week of looking & reading, I think I have a mental image of where I am headed, I am sure there will be changes and adjustments along the way as I am susceptible to the Squirrel/Shinny Object syndrome.

  I have contemplated the possibility of machining my own receiver, but am leaning towards just purchasing one, Time vs Money vs Not actually ever had a 10/22 apart, and honestly, I do not think I have ever even shot one!



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Cool project.

Two big foibles of the 10/22 are a clamped in barrel and a single (as in one) action screw.

The heavier your barrel gets the more these lackings will rear their ugly heads.

Early 10/22s had threaded barrel/reciever unions and are far better but nearly impossible to find.

There are fixes. If you want a fat barrel go with a carbon fiber tension barrel. Looks good, accurate and reasonably light weight.

There are many methods of adding a second action screw to the 10/22 and in my opinion one of the best improvements that can be made, especially if you install a heavy barrel.

Good luck, we'll all want to see your progress so don't forget, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Thanks for the info Micro! Google Searches have had me up to wee hours as of late doing lots of reading, at first I was thinking I wanted to build my own receiver, Have even started to draw it all up in CAD, but then I read a post about from a guy on rimfire central that had built his own receiver stating that he did not think he could have accomplished it with out having a receiver in his hand to compare and understand details that just naturally are hard to grasp from a drawing. The thought of buying a receiver to use as a guide to building one has me questioning my desire to build it vs the cost effectiveness of purchasing a quality piece. I gave thought to the 80% stuff, same conclusion, just a few dollars away from purchasing what seems to be top shelf stuff.


  So the current shinny direction has me looking at the Kidd Supergrade along with a threaded breach stainless barrel. The Super grade does offer the rear tang option and I have been giving lots of thought about how to do some nice flanged bedding pillars...and get them in the stock level and straight, I have even been trying to think through barrel bedding that could possibly dampen shock and harmonics.

I looked at the carbon fiber tension barrel and it was definitely a shinny moment that grabbed my attention, and I do so much like the look of carbon fiber as a accent and have used carbon fiber products and carbon fiber look stuff on several projects (Race Car Stuff). But with this project. I think I have pretty much decided on a fairly straight forward Fluted barrel, kinda....have some thoughts on the flute configuration to add a detail touch with out making it look like I am trying to create a future weapon or one up other fluted barrels by doing wild patterns and twist.

As soon as the budget allows, we will see what shinny I decide to go with!

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I too, desiring a threaded barrel / receiver union, went with Volquartsen.

I bought two and they are spectacular.

The down side, unfortunately, is they leave little room for improvement which places a damper on the tinkerer in me.

I did change the stocks to B&C Sportsman Challenge stocks which I pillar & glass bedded.

I also added an adjustable harmonic stabilizer to the .17HM2 version, pictured below.

The other, not pictured, is in .22lr.




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