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Wobbly stock?


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I have discovered an interesting and effective fix for the loose-fitting Magpul stock I bought for my Colt/Umarex M4. I notice on this forum, a lot of you guys have experienced this. I found an extra buffer spring from my big-brother AR15, removed the little plug on the end of the Umarex (take out the allen screw in the bottom), then inserted the buffer spring into "buffer tube", re-install the stock, and BAM! No rattle or loose! The spring tension on the stock actually makes everything work even better, and firm too...try it!

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I can't imagine an AR buffer spring by itself would be overly expensive. I've never bought one,but if it's not expensive, it's surely worth it. The heavy spring-loading on the stock (any of them) removes any and all looseness back there, and the extending/retracting of the stock is easier and smoother. Why I didn't do this sooner is beyond me.....

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Maybe people aren't too interested in trying this because they don't have, nor want to buy a buffer spring. I just found out that my local NAPA store sells the right size spring from a ROLL. They use it to put around hydraulic hoses to protect them in the field. They sell it by the foot Don't know the price yet, but I would guess it's not expensive. I really do like the way this improves the operation and feel of the stock.

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