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Red Dot verus New Mexico sun


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I tried out a low end panoramics BSA red dot yesterday on my 10/22. Once you had it on target is was very accurate, however, trying to get the dot on target was very hard in the New Mexico sun, the dot would have to be considerably brighter to work outdoors here. Since I use my 10/22 in our Tactical Rimfire matches which involves multiple targets, it won't do me any good. No lost because I didn't pay for it, a buddy gave it to me after he upgraded to something better, now I know why it was free. I may try out another type, the ones which look like a scope, I have one of those on my Hi-Point .45 Carbine and it works great.

I may put it on my Savage MK II which I keep loaded with Aguila Super Colibri for coyotes, who regularly come into the subdivision, which would be a low light encounter.

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