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extended handguard Colt AR 22


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 I used a Colt ar22 as the platform to build a  Suppressed SBR. I cut down the barrel to 7.5 inches to attach the suppressor and it now  looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.  The solution is  to cover the attachment point with a railguard . The existing colt railguard is way to short to reach the suppressor let alone the attachment adapter   any suggestions????????????????????????  

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Once you click "Reply", at the bottom of the reply box you can attach files, images have to be smaller than 1000 x 750. Or you can upload pics to a hosting service, like photobucket, etc, then just post a link. BTW, welcome to Rimfire World! If you navigate HERE, you will also find several threads on installing after market hand guards on the trusty Colt.



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Thank you Techmike for the welcome and  picture loading instructions

 after much techno wrangling  here they are. Ultimately I think I need about 11 inches of rail guard  on my colt ar22 m4 ops to cover most of the suppressor. Any  other suggestions ?????

Aso  would anyone know where I can find a

colt m4 ops front receiver pin

IMG_8423 (4).JPG

IMG_8424 (3).JPG

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