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Contact Page Submissions for the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22


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Mike J submits the following

My new M&P 15-22 had several short feeds using Remington Golden .22.  They ejected fine until one fed in 1/2 way and was detonated by the forward motion of the bolt.  No one was hurt .  The ejector pin bent and the device securing it fell out.  The bottom half of the case that did not go in the chamber was crushed like a soda can.

The gun immediately went back to S&W. Probably 200 shots went through before this startling event happened.  The shop thinks there may be a burr in the chamber.  I have asked for a full report on the incident.

Some web reports using Remington ammo show similar events happening.  I would appreciate any other inputs on whether to just get my money back.  I have shot a lot of .22LR and never had this type of event happen and am concerned there may be a design problem? The Remington ammo may have also caused the problem?


Mike J

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