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Where Is Everybody?

SGW Gunsmith

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Come on folks, this could be a really great site if everybody came back to create some civil conversation pertaining to the BEST caliber firearms there ever were, are and will be. I'll bet none of us started out shooting a .458 Winchester Model 70, or worse yet a Weatherby .340 Weatherby Magnum.

10 to 1, most everyone who visits here at one time or another, began their first shooting experience with a .22 rimfire. The heck with those others who think they are the "premier" rimfire sites, like RFC. They've gone down the toilet with much of what gets passed along there as fact for the last 5, or more, years. There's more bickering and false statements that are posted there than anywhere else on the inter-web. Here's a great chance to get the truth about rimfire firearms and how they function and can be repaired, than that floundering forum will ever know, or accept.

I'm willing to do what I can to resurrect activity here and invite you all to send  all your rimfire friends to at least visit this site and "lurk" for a while, or better yet, contribute your rimfire experiences with all the the others who stop by. Like, what is your current  .22 rimfire, rifle or handgun?

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