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Hello. I'm in central OK and I came to this forum from the 308AR forum.

I'm not a big gun person but enjoy doing 80% builds. I've built an AR-15 and an LR-308.

I'm thinking my next one will be an 80% AR-15 lower with a dedicated .22 upper. I originally thought about the CMMG conversion but since my AR-15 has a gas piston system, that's out.

I have bought .22 ammo for years but I don't have any gun that shoots them. I've always thought about a Ruger 10-22 but never pulled the trigger on that.

I've pretty much decided on the dedicated upper but was wondering what, if any, differences there are in the AR-15 lower parts kit to use the dedicated upper.

Thank you.

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I did get the dedicated .22 upper from Bear Creek Arsenal and put it on my burnt bronze 80% lower. It works great but it’s best to use coated bullets since some of the uncoated ones had a little trouble loading. Also, bolt locks back after last round but will close when mag is dropped so watch your fingers.

I’d upload a pic but the attachment option below says ‘Loading….’ and won’t respond.

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