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GSG-522/5 Barrel Adapter

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Okay after having the GSG-522 in my hands for some time I have had a chance to work on it a bit.  First, the barrel is NOT 1/2" in diameter but is PRECISELY .471" where it passes through the front sight base (FSB).  The threads on the faux suppressor are not a "proper" 16mm x 1mm but are actually spot on .625" (15.87mm) x 1mm.  IF one wishes to use the GSG sans fake can the barrel is not supported by anything and with the original length 16.25" barrel this could result in poor accuracy.  For those NOT interested in doing an "SBR" modification, the right answer is a zero-tolerance barrel adapter.

So I made my own.  I used a section of 6061 aluminum rod bored out to just a hair over barrel diameter, then threaded it to a rather unique 5/8" x 1mm for a perfect fit in the FSB threads.  It slides down the barrel and locks in nice and tight and holds the barrel in perfect alignment.

I'm in the process of making my own "faux" suppressor but my unit will use a .750" threaded barrel adapter to create a massively strong connection.

Anyone interested in a barrel adapter that allows the barrel to pass through, threads properly to the FSB and can be threaded to pretty much ANY custom pattern on the suppressor side let me know and I might be persuaded to make extra.  1/2"x28 is NOT possible with the barrel left long becuase there is simply not enough material to make that work, which is WHY you don't see barrel adapters for anything other than the P and PK versions.

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Since that post I decided to make my barrel adapter from 4130 steel rather than aluminum at 15.87mm end to end.  My attachments have a matching thread to screw right on.  The internal diameter is what I call "zero tolerance" in that it is a very snug fit around the barrel and thus holds it perfectly centered in the adapter.

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