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Maybe not tactical, but practical


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I stumbled on this site because I purchased a new Colt Tacticall 22, but as I stated in that forum my first love is the 10/22.....

My father-in-law introduced me to the Ruger 10/22.  He has been a rabbit hunter all his life and got me into the sport.  Most folks here in Missouri use a 410 or 20 guage but we enjoy hunting with the 10/22.  There is no other hunt that tests your shooting skills with a rimfire rifle that shooting a rabbit running at full tilt.

I started out with a stock green/black laminate stock 10/22 with open sights.  Out of the box the 10/22 groups aren't anything to brag about, especially if you need all the accuracy you can get on a running shot.  If you are strictly looking for a plinker then they are great. 

After my first season hunting, I dove into the world of 10/22 mods.  I started out with an 18" bull barrel with an ATN Ultrasight and a new trigger group with a extended mag release, polished sear, power hammer and lighter springs.  I ended up with about a 3.5 pound trigger pull, which greatly improves my running shots (the rabbit is running, not me).  I had some issues with the ATN like being able to see the reticle well enough in bright light and snow situations so I went to a bull barrell with fixed front and adjustable rear truglo sights.  The sights are extremely easy to pick up in moving shots.  My groups standing with this setup are consistently quarter size.  The bull barrel is heavy, but for hunting purposes I prefer a front heavy gun. 

The barrel I use is a match barrel and originally I had some feed issues with standard ammo.  I went to a match ammo and the problem was solved.  Now that the barrel is broken in I seem to be able to  shoot most ammo through it reliably.  I also upgraded to a high speed bolt assembly to help with the feed issues.  In addition, I added an extended bolt handle to ease operating the bolt manually when wearing gloves. 

The 10/22 is by far the easiest rimfire I have been around to operate, maintain and modify.  I use it in all types of small game hunting. 

The only issue I have ever had was a firing pin rounding off on the striking end which resulted in near complete FTF.  I replaced the pin and haven't had a problem since.  I would attribute this to dry firing (use snap caps!!).  I am very familiar with complely breaking down and reassembling the 10/22 so if I can be of any help please feel free to ask.

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It all depends on what your end use is are you mainly looking at a target setup?  The best advice I can give you isdon't go for a complete trigger assembly, just go for the parts.  Barrels really come down to what you want to use the gun for and the action really comes down to the barrel in my opinion.  Good luck getting started, these things are so much fun and very addicting!!  Thanks for the welcome!

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