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This site:

About a year ago I had my mind set on creating a few different shooting related websites. I wanted to be a little different then what I generally stumbled across in my searches. I noticed on many web sites and forums there were the same good questions asked time and time again. I thought to myself there has to be a better way to bring all the information together. So based on an idea I started the combatrifle.net site. Being a fan of military style rifles this would be the first of the sites. One of the first pages I completed for the site was based on .22lr options for the AR15. Traffic soared within weeks to that page. I then decided to go a little farther and cover info on the 10-22 and 22lr conversions for other firearms. I attempt present the info in a way that would be friendly to the guy with his first AR-15, 10-22 or 1911. With the inclusion of the additional 22 content traffic began to rise again. The amazing thing was how quickly the traffic was increasing. Within months of launching combatrifle.net its traffic surpassed that of my long running guitar website gearpedia.net.

Now the time was right to split off the combatrifle.net to more targeted sites. The first being AR15tactical.net. At this point I had wanted to create a .22 site and  forum but didnt want to step on the toes of the other tactical 22 site. So as a compromise to myself I created the tactical22.net site but without a forum. The site was getting a decent amount of traffic and I was getting quite a few questions every day about the GSG-5 and then when "will the other tactical 22's be released.

Fast forward  few months and the Colt and Smith & Wesson hit the streets. My inbox was getting hammered with questions through my contact page. I believe I answered every question but two but something had to change. I compared the traffic stats of my tactical22.net site to that of the forum mentioned earlier. There was no comparison, and this forum was born.

My hope is that this forum answers the questions that folks were contacting me earlier about as well as create ideas and feedback to generate content for the main site   

About me:

Im in my mid 40's and reside in the very anti gun state of Connecticut.

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