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  1. I bought the 938-22LR complete. Love it.
  2. Sadly the racial butthurtness separation is only going to get worse.
  3. Very nice and the correct choice.
  4. In stores in OK you can find most everything in plentiful supply except 22LR. Even online your selection is very limited. I shoot CCI Stingers and have not seen that online for 18+ months.
  5. If they are hard plastic I keep them. If cardboard they hit the trash instantly.
  6. In my CCW and home defense weapons I rotate mags every 60 days.
  7. Here in OK we had 80 degrees, snow and back to 60 degrees in less then 24 hours. Weird.
  8. IMHO GSG guns are passable. GSG accessories suck eggs.
  9. I wish it wee that easy. I shop multiple WalMarts at various times. It is the same story no matter what location or time.
  10. Love the rifle selection. Not so much the pistol. SIG P226 22LR IMHO is magnitudes better than the M&P.
  11. Agreed. Mine is a ragged hole shooter from 25 yards on in. Now it is ammo finicky and likes the hotter CCI stuff. That shitty Federal bulk pack ammo chokes it every time.
  12. Here in OKC is has been colder than Fairbanks Alaska. Where is the penis puffer AlGore when you want him???
  13. Hope he has not yet impregnated some slut bag with his spooge. Now he never will.
  14. Also their financial situation is not good. WAY too much is spent in overhead. I no longer support them at all.
  15. A friend who returned from SHOT 2014 said the manufacturers said that as far as they are concerned 2014 for rimfire ammo will be no better than 2013 and they have no real clue if it will ever get back to pre-Newtown availability. Not what I wanted to hear.
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