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.22 Short
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  1. So I received an email from Sig that their .22 conversion kits are on sale $199.99. They have 2 for the 938 regular & target, thought I would go with the target. But they are both sold out............figures.
  2. I know what you mean, the same thing has happened to me. At least this time I waited long enough to get an HK MP5 at a decent price.
  3. Hello one fmc, good to meet you.
  4. Just picked mine up yesterday. Taking it out today to try it out. Just ordered a couple mags from Grabagun, they had the lowest price with the cheapest shipping I could find online.
  5. WD40 works well but I believe it is made of fish oil. I've been using Rem oil lately. It works in cold weather also.
  6. They remind me of Dan Wesson grips. Always had a soft spot for DW.
  7. A stainless Desert Eagle in .44 mag Colt Diamondback I bought every .22 pistol I wanted >:D
  8. great looking pistol Microgunner. 8)
  9. Oh, I have to get one of those. ;D
  10. I have to say, that is a sweet looking rifle! :thumb:
  11. Sorry to hear that. I have a .22 conversion for a P226 and a 938 in 9mm. I was thinking a 938 in .22 would be a nice addition. Guess I'll stick with the 226 conversion.
  12. A Tru Glo red/green dot. But the selector didn't work, I guess the elves where in a hurry. So it's on it's way back.
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