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  1. Magpul flip sights wont work on the 522 unless you have the front rail hand guard version...there's no where to attach the front sight. The "gas block" on the front is flat on top, with the funky sig "weaver-style" dovetail.
  2. bdavison

    AR Question

    imschur is dead on. You wont even see the front A2 sight through a scope.
  3. Not me...I dont want anything on my guns "networked". I can see video of your shot being downloaded from the net and used against you in court if you ever used it on anything other than paper. Clip the "networked" part out of it, and I'd think about it.
  4. I think you can flip the ejection on the .22 ARX. I looked at it yesterday in the shop. It appears as if the extractor can be moved over to the other side of the bolt, didnt get a chance to see how the ejector is attached, but it may be reversable too. In any case, I'd buy one. Its a pretty nice rifle. I like the fact that the rails are metal and not plastic like the M&P. The rifle is extremely lightweight....seriously light weight. The stock remindes me of the SCAR a little bit. Easy to adjust, and folds like the Sig with a one button release.
  5. bdavison

    B-1 Bike

    I think that's supposed to be a B-2 not the B-1, the B-2 is the stealth bomber, the B-1 is a strategic bomber.
  6. bdavison

    I caved

    Just remember to keep your fingers BELOW the bowstring.....they will take fingertips off.....easily. I've seen so many people do that.
  7. The Obama administration will go to any lengths to reek havoc on our gun rights. It started with Fast and Furious, and the selling of firearms to mexican drug cartels by our own government under the table. And everyone knows they planned to later claim the guns came from US illegal sales, and use that to kill our gun rights. Then the Giffords event happened. And again they claimed it was all the right wing folks clinging to guns and bibles that were responsible. Then Sandy Hook....and once again our president paraded the victims in front of the TV, all the while proclaiming that we should get rid of the guns. (I'm personally not convinced that this entire thing wasn't deliberately planned and orchestrated by Obama, nobody wants to think of our president being responsible for the murder of children, but I would put it past that usurping anti-american traitor for a minute. And Yes, I do think he would, and could order such a thing. Everyone doesnt think he is a muslim, maybe not, but he is a muslim sympathizer, and they don't care about murdering children, so why would he.) Then DHS starts stockpiling ammo and assault vehicles.....
  8. That's awesome. Looks like and SBR, but not an SBR. I'd replace the forearms furniture with a commando picatinny rail setup.
  9. In all reality, if they were individually serial numbered, then you could probably put the adapter on a tax stamp and run it legally. That would be super funny showing up with this at a local range.
  10. Commie-neticut should just hang a sign over the interstate, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"
  11. I think it would be great....had they actually told the stories correctly. There are a lot of omissions and errors in the TV show. Also, they are now making "church kits" "bible study materials", etc. based on their skewed version of the Bible ......sorry, but I don't think I would want to learn about the Bible from the Heretic Channel. The same channel that regularly broadcasts shows depicting Jesus as an alien, myth like bigfoot, mayan time traveller, whatever. You want to know the true stories....read the Bible and go to an actual church.
  12. Its standard thread, so Counter-Clockwise for taking it off. Clockwise for putting it on.
  13. Also, the Colt and Sig mags are different even though they are both Umarex....have no idea if they will fit each other.
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