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  1. mine is the stock GSG5-SD and no issues, have about 4000 down the pipe and its been cleaned twice with a bore snake
  2. forgot at add the gun still is accurate as all hell, cause it still retains the 16 inch barrel under the fake shroud, but appears shorter :grin:
  3. the commando rail is available on the new SWAT Sig522 commando's , I didn't want the rail, I wanted the shorter HG's the barrel shroud is from a place called Kineti-tech, they have a make your own option which allows you to select the front cap, tube and rear cap for about $ 60 shipped http://www.kineti-tech.com/create-your-own-barrel-shroud/
  4. I have a fondness for both the OD and coyote color schemes thats big right now ....I would love to see anyone who had painted the stock and hand guards on the guns especially the SD model....I know there isn't much to paint, but I like ot see how it looks before I commit
  5. . Finally finished it and added a bit of OD green for nostalga .
  6. if you bought one of the 2 barrel combo rifle kits with the 16 inch and the bull target barrel and would care to sell the other barrel that you are no longer using please send me a PM with a price and which barrel it is? thanks
  7. http://www.kineti-tech.com/create-your-own-barrel-shroud-4-and-6/ they have a create your own option, very cool
  8. you think thats bad, they wanted me to send my entire gun back cause of a BAD MAG ??? ??? something sounds fishy here :confused:
  9. well the search never found any others so I went ahead and grabbed the one from KGC, here is a shot of the fake can, barrel shroud while my paperwork comes back .
  10. there is a teaser pic, I'm back to work for the next 2 weeks so more to come basically, I owned the Sig522 classic since the first came out, saw the newer Commando look and had to have one, but couldn't justify the $$$, so I had the barrel turned down and installed a fake can barrel shroud .
  11. I know I'm late with a reply but since no one else answered you http://www.legacysports.com/products/issc_mags.html
  12. I saw the threaded adapter from Kentucky Gun Company for $ 30, but read a horror story of one coming off inside a threaded barrel shroud, anyone here have one and use it for a suppressor, or know of any other places that manufacturer one ??
  13. thanks I found the ISSC forum :thumb:
  14. Howdy from West Central Florida I have a few of what you're calling tactical 22's ISSC ( Scar Clone ) and I can't believe you don't have a sub forum for it :P Sig 522 Classic that's in the process of becoming a Commando with Green furniture GSG-5SD ...love it AR pistol conversion in .22 sans ( without ) buffer tube >:D found this joint while searching the web looking for a Sig522 barrel wrench I do belong to about every other gun forum, use the same name and avatar
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