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  1. Yes. I do have one,and was going to trade it for a Ruger Mk 1,but I thought I read that they were discontinued. Guess I will keep it now. Thanks everyone!
  2. I`ve been out of touch for a while- does anyone know if Smith still makes the M&P1522 Pistol? Seems I saw a post somewhere that they discontinued em... Thanks
  3. Sounds like the looney farm lost another one...
  4. the M&P is gotta be one of the funnest rifles ever.But watch out for that Winchester ammo! I usually go Federal...
  5. This is one of my favorite shooters,having it for about 2 years.It is practically flawless in operation,and i can carry it concealed under a floppy shirt.I put a Red Dot on it,and I cannot recommend it enough.My interest is shooting bar of soap sized rocks at 100 yds with it.Lots of fun.My centerfire Sigs and AR`s usually sit at home...
  6. My best friend and I were packing up from a trip to the range in 1974. He placed his new S&W Model 28 on his car roof,to load the rest of the gear in the car. Thats the last we ever saw of the 28...
  7. I love its looks,and am glad it works well for you. I didnt realize they were available in .22.May I ask the price range?
  8. I have 1000 rounds through my M&P 22.The only things that ever jammed it were Winchester bulk(average of one round per mag failure to fire).Winchester also was the only manufacturer who had damaged , bitched up ammo straight from the box.Otherwise, this M&P 22 is as reliable as any firearm on the planet.
  9. Noooo! I wouldn`t have sold it to anyone here...I like you guys....
  10. By this time, I was just so frustrated and fed up with the Colt,I simply wanted to be rid of it.
  11. Well,you guys know all the problems I was having with my Colt .22. Jamming,FTF, you name it. I polished the feed ramp,thought that cured it, but ,I was wrong. I did everything I could think of to make it work. This past weekend, I completely stripped the action down to the bare bones and cleaned and lubricated it. I thought, " Now she`s gonna work for me!". Took it to the range today..,expecting it to run like a top.Guess what? It jammed even more now.I was thoroughly disgusted.I tried everything in the approx. 1300 rounds i put in it.So, i packed it up, took it to my nearest gun emporium,and got rid of it. Thank God.I lost a fair amount of bucks trading it in, but it was worth the loss in frustration. NO more Colts for me!
  12. You Smith guys,dont get mad at me, but my Colt Umerex will outshoot my Smith with any ammo, any time,by a long shot. ,at 100yds. The smith is ultimately reliable,whereas the Colt is kinda hit or miss. Good shootin, guys,,,,
  13. I have been shooting the Colt and the Smith .22 tacticals side by side for about 1000 rounds now,long enough to see a pattern.At 100yds., the Colt will outshoot the Smith every time,with any ammo.Much tighter groups with the Colt.BUT! The Smith has never jammed,even once.Not so the Colt.The Colt prefers federal bulk.Mini Mags are so-so,and remington is just a disaster,although all three brands group about the same. I polished the feed ramp on the Colt,and it works better,but those Remingtons jammed every 3rd shot.Many chambered, but failed to fire. They fired perfectly in my Ruger MK 111,so I know its not the fault of the ammo. The Colt seems to have a very light firing pin strike.Wish I cud bump it up a little...
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