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  1. I know I certainly don't want to get shot with a .22!!! just sayin.....
  2. Thank you for the replies. This M&P is brand new DTZXXXX. I havent had a issue while firing it, actually only 1 failure to feed in the first 500 rounds. The trouble is when i was just checking function of the M&P. Just playing around with it on the couch. If I pull the bolt back even a fraction of an inch, I can still pull the trigger and the hammer drops. Not saying the hammer is actually hitting the firing pin depending how far the bolt is back. My buddy's new M&P does the same thing. Can some of you check this on your M&P's? Thanks David
  3. I should have mentioned that my buddy bought one with me and his does the exact same thing. Any thoughts? Thanks David
  4. Greetings, Does your M&P fire out of battery? I can pull the bolt back 1/16" all the way to an 1" or so and the trigger releases the hammer. Is this normal? Any way to be fast enough on the trigger to fire again before the bold closes completely? P.S. this isn't a very active board.... :( Thanks, David
  5. In N.E. Ohio we got them for $450. buying 2 got us no tax plus I got $25 off one because of a small scratch on the barrel. Thanks david
  6. Brand new to to the forum I've been lurking for a bit but just registered. I'm on FMLA right now so I've had hours to research this gun. My work partner and I each bought one the other day. We just got back from shooting. Almost 500 rounds each. I only had 1 failure to feed towards the end. I shot both Winchester and federal. It was flawless other then that It was the Winchester that failed. My buddy had about 5 failure to loads and 1 failure to fire and 2 failure to ejects with the Winchester 555. We tried several mag loading techniques and it didn't change anything. We both love this plinker but neither of us like the sights. Actually, I hate them. I'm primarily a pistol shooter and only have 2 other rifles. These sights are a first for me and took some time to get sighted in. After that we were consistently hitting quarter size targets at 25yds. I know its close but that's the distance we had at this site. Cant wait to shoot again. This is an awesome rifle Thanks David
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