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  1. Did it tighten down, with no washers, to 20lb/ft? If the answer is no, then you need something in there to hit that torque setting. There's 540-degrees of rotation in a "proper" crush washer. Even it you hit it with nothing, you can get a full 360 with a crush washer. Plus another 1/2 rotation.
  2. DevCon... http://www.devcon.com/
  3. Drew, you should move out to the desert here, with me... :o
  4. That is one cool setup, man. :thumb:
  5. Are you sure you wanna go down this road, brother? I can toss a couple up here, but I don't know what effect it's gonna have on you... :confused: microgunner, I'll get the FDE stuff together and get it on here. :thumb:
  6. Addicting, ain't it, brother?!!? :o Sorry 'bout that... :grin:
  7. Oh Lordy, whatever you do, don't combine the camera with this ^^^... :laugh: :o
  8. I start getting twitchy if I can't go more than a week. :o Typically, it's every week. I feel for ya, man.
  9. I've got alot of FDE that I could put up for you, MG, but it's in some different calibers. It might have you looking for other things to put together... Just sayin'... ;D
  10. 98Z5V

    lunch time

    I LOVE IT!!! :beer: :thumb:
  11. Hard to compare those two, as apples-to-apples, brother. The AAC brake is on a 20", and the Dynacomp is on a 16". If these were semiauto gas guns, it might be comparable, but on bolt guns, it's different. That 16" GSR would rattle my damn teeth on recoil, and the barrel would jump straight up 3 or 4 inches, right off the shooting block. It's short and jumpy, and bone stock, it only weighs a shade over 7lbs. It never did do much for eating the .308 Win recoil. Great shoulder pad from the factory, thankfully. :o The Dynacomp helped trememdously with it jumping up off the shooting block - and that would directly translate in firing from positions using the sling, too. It helped, alot. That 20" 700 is a decently heavy bolt gun, with a heavy barrel, etc. The Hogue stock is light, but that whole gun has some beef to it. It also has a great recoil pad, stock. It never did have a very harsh recoil - nothing like the GSR - but you couldn't keep the scope on target on the shots over 450-ish. Now, it stays close to target on the longest shots I have available, out to 575, and the brake cut the felt recoil even more. The closest I can come to a verbal explanation is: it felt like a .308 bolt gun before, just not too bad. Now, it feels more like a harsh-recoiling .223 gun. If I get the gumption to take off both setups, I'll swap them from gun to gun and try them out. :thumb: I'd really like to try both of them on my .308 semi, to see how it does. Bottom metal on the way, with a few more things - I love talking to Roger at BAD on the phone. That's never a boring conversation!!! :thumb: :beer: Thank you, Roger! 8)
  12. That stock on the short 16" .308 is the factory stock that comes on the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle - that is a wicked little .308, man. >:D The Rem 700 will have the bottom metal setup in it by the end of this week. :thumb:
  13. I must say, I'm impressed with the AAC Brakeout. Combination of the brake and Blackout flash hider. It did a damn fine job out there. The two long targets at 525 and 575 were a challenge before, with the winds. The recoil would cause the scope to jump off target, and I couldn't get back on target fast enough to see the impacts. Not now. :thumb: The scope still moves on those ones, but it still stays mostly in view. It's easy to get back on target and watch impacts. This device really does it's job well. Felt recoil is down, but target visibility was what I was really after. Happy with the purchase. :beer:
  14. PIcked up the AAC Brakeout today. Not a fan of the stainless steel crush washer they include now - they used to ship it with a shim set. I'd rather had the shim set. Still need to time it properly, and I'll blast it this Sunday. :thumb:
  15. 98Z5V

    Struck out

    They've got the Tacticool for the Mark IIs and 93s, also... >:D Just sayin'... ;D I found it for you, brother: http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=savage+fvsr More: http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=savage+trrsr&osCsid=486480mgor0hndlh29bkffksc7 Just lookin' out for you, man... :grin: :beer:
  16. I thought I could draw Drew out with my post, but he is resisting... Fabulously. I remember a comment from him in that past, something very affectionate, endearing, almost lustful in nature... "Your wood is much darker than my buddy's..." :o Something along those lines. I thought, once you went... well anyway... ;D :beer: I thought he was mine, and now he's talking about bleaching it... :grin:
  17. Rene, I'm here for you, man - if you have a specific brake or comp in mind, let me know. I can put it on a 20" .308 bolt, a 16" .308 bolt, or a 18.5" .308 semi. I'll test that thing for you, shoot the everlovinshit out of it, then ship it out... ;D My 24" .308 bolt is unthreaded, so you're shit-outta-luck for that config... :o :beer:
  18. Rene, I put a Spike's Dynacomp on my Ruger GSR - makes a difference. With a 16" barrel on a .308 bolt, it really jumps up when you shoot it. Definitely brings the red dot off-target. I put the Dynacomp on there to try to keep it more on-target with the shots. Working well so far. :thumb:
  19. ABSOLUTELY!!! :thumb: :beer: Pics WILL be taken. Photographic evidence is mandatory. :grin:
  20. A great 10/22 setup for an Appleseed: Auto bolt release (bought or modded stock piece), Tech Sights, no barrel band, some kind of lighter trigger (the stock trigger will affect you more than you realize), and an adjustable sling. My favorite parts to use, that don't break the bank: VTAC Mk1 sling, Power Custom hammer and sear kit (greatly improves the trigger pull - immense difference), either set of Tech Sights (TSR-100 or TSR-200), removing the barrel band is free, and good, known mags. The Ruger rotaries work wonderfully during an Appleseed. This one below was a mint 1978 10/22 carbine, bone stock. I didn't want to tear it all up, so some of the stock parts were removed. I left the original stock, receiver, bolt, and trigger housing. I added a complete Power Custom Grand Master action kit, took the original barrel off and replaced it with a 2007 barrel that I had, added the TSR-200 Tech Sights (with a very skinny KNS Precision AR-type front sight post), and the VTAC Mk1 sling. Shoots great, and it's an awesome Appleseed rifle. :thumb:
  21. That awesome news - the Ruger GSR mags will probably work as well. :thumb: Sometime on Friday or Saturday I'll be giving you a call. Need more BAD-ASS assemblies, also. It's time for the pink one to be built... :o ;D
  22. NoDak is supposed to be making another production run on the receivers sometime soon - was supposed to be early 2012. Keep an eye on them, because once they come in-stock, they might not last long... :thumb:
  23. I'll give you my thoughts on the AAC brake after next weekend. :thumb: This will eventually get a 762-SDN-6 AAC can on it, so I'm using that brake as a quick-attach for the upcoming can. There are so many brakes out there... I know for a fact that the Bennie Cooley brake from JP enterprises gets high, high reviews. Fulton Armory sells it, too, besides JP. There's a ton of them out there, brother.
  24. If you're gonna add to a 10/22, just run a stock one and add what you need/want. If you're gonna end up replacing everything but the receiver, it might be better off not buying a Ruger 10/22, and just building everything up yourself, on one of the NDS receivers. Depends on what you want to do, brother. :thumb: I've built these damn things from a whole 10/22, and the only thing I still have that came from Ruger is the receiver and bolt. Would've been better off not buying it in the first place, and just picking up a receiver and bolt, with all the other parts. :confused: Basically, if you'll be replacing the stock, barrel, trigger, and small parts, it might be a better candidate for a complete parts build.
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