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  1. An online success story. Won a one day auction on gunbrokers.com. The seller was Tombstone Tactical in AZ. Had my local FFL fax his info to the seller, made payment and the rifle was shipped the same day. From bid to delivery - 5 days. LL
  2. Surprise! We're (mostly) still all here... LL
  3. UPS tracking shows delivery to FFL on 12/21! FFL says UPS has been coming after 7 due to Holiday deliveries. I will probably fill out the papers and come home a proud papa on Saturday! :thumb: LL
  4. I found a new one on gunbrokers.com. It was a one day auction from Tombstone (AZ) Tactical and I was the only bidder. I got it for $509. I am happy. My FFL has already sent his info, so hopefully it will be received by Christmas... The online gun auctions seem to be the best places to look right now, if your LGS not an option. LL
  5. OMG. Do ya think that 22LR will qualify as a self-defense weapon? :P LL
  6. Thanks to all for the welcomes! LL
  7. Thanks for the comments... I remember the days when the 22LR was my only choice for squirrel hunting... and ground hogs didn't like me much, either. I think I can train my wife to be quite a marksman with the S&W 22LR. She is very enthusiastic about shooting her S&W Bodyguard 380. LL
  8. Hey Dan, what scope is that you are using on your MOE? LL
  9. Congrats to us! Still waiting for reply from my local FFL. LL
  10. I'm so happy I could double back flip... picked up a new Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 MOE on gunbrokersdotcom tonight! Great price, too - about what we would pay for the plain vanilla M&P 15-22 at LGS when then ever show up. :thumb: Then I learned that Cox Communications e-mail services has been down since late 12/14! That means I won't receive any e-mails from the seller or the website until (maybe) cox-mail is back! With any luck, I should be at the gun range before Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! LL
  11. That's what my LGS is saying also. To quote them, "it's not even on the radar..." LL
  12. I get what you mean. I am just hoping that the panic more affects the larger calibers... LL
  13. Hi folks. In the course of searching for a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 MOE, I found this site on Google. I was impressed with the amount of information available here. My wife and I live in a suburb of Oklahoma City (Go Thunder!). We have taken classes for concealed and open carry and await our SDA permits from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. I have hunted (off and on) for half a century, which gives a hint as to my age. My wife has been shooting handguns for almost 10 years, after our oldest son (LE Lieutenant) took her to the range and let her fire his service weapons. She is hooked on shooting and we go to an indoor range every week or so. (Date night) Since we do not own a long gun, I felt it was time to get one while the getting is still allowed. We looked at the "Modern Sporting Rifles" in the .223/5.56 caliber, but decided to go rim fire. We are going with .22LR because my wife is likely to shoot it more often due to recoil issues. Second the cost and availability of 22 ammo is common sense. Will a 22LR will worthwhile in a home defense situation? Hopefully, we will never find out, because we have .357 and .380 handguns that fill the bill. We appreciate this site and look forward to becoming contributing members. LL
  14. I found you on Google while doing a search for a S&W M&P 15-22 MOE. After reading the information about the weapon I am seeking, I signed up. The registration process was smooth and intuitive, so that helps. LL
  15. I love to read the reviews on this rifle! I think it is one that even my wife would love to shoot. However, I have tried every LGS with zero results. They can't even estimate when the MOE will be back in stock or what it will cost. It seems that online dealers are either out of stock or have started jacking up prices. Any suggestions on where to find at a reasonable price? Thanks. LL
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