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  1. gamb1t1

    Good morning

    welcome from norcal!!
  2. bought mine about 2 years ago: $350 (tax included) and it came with 4 10-round mags (got to love ca!!).
  3. i wish i had some words to help. california residents have additional mag pains besides these rising costs of accessories (along with a few other states with blinders on); the fact that they limit how many rounds a magazine can hold!! how can federal and/or state legislature not understand that limiting law-abiding citizens gives criminals the upper hand!! criminals do not walk into the local gun or sporting goods store and make their purchases with the required paperwork!! criminals get their guns, ammo and mags illegally !! how does any current or pending anti-gun/mag legislation keep that from happening?!
  4. i feel all the pain when it comes to cost of mags and ammo!! living in cali makes it worse. 10-round limitations on mags leading that pain!! i have 4 mags currently but hope to have 10 more before the year is out. oops!! this posted on the wrong topic. sorry
  5. new to the site but been shooting for years!! i acquired my m&p 15-22 about 2 years ago and i enjoy shooting it! i have never had any issues with it and am slowly working on accessories and upgrades. currently it has has a utg red/green dot sight and a afg-2 front grip. my next upgrades will be a barrel shroud and flip up sights.
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