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  1. Bought two last month $17.99 ea , free shipping on e bay
  2. CCI mini mags work flawlessly in my GSG firefly (GSG made the mosquito for sig) thats pretty much all i shoot in mine.
  3. GSG Firefly is a very popular pistol, GSG made the Mosquito for Sig for years, why no catagory in the GSG subject area? Once you realize it will only shoot CCI mini mags, its a very dependable pistol.
  4. winchester made a few years ago, cant recall the model numbers,shot all 3 rounds, very popular back in the day.
  5. I have three, all .177 cal. My go to is a swiss arms tac 1 break barrel. great gun. Many a squirrel and rat brought down with it.
  6. Really interested to see where you take this, just ordered a Savage Mk 2 F today for myself. Gonna use mine for a little vermin bashing, target shooting, and anything else i can use it for. Thanks for sharing your project.
  7. Hey all, been around shooting sports most all my life, from hunting to competiton, recently got back into some vermin type hunting, so a new rimfire rifle was in order. Thought i might pick up some new tips,learn this old shooter some new tricks so to speak. Thanks for having me.
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