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Nice how you laid that out.

A little about me

I live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I've been married to a fiesty redhead for almost 3 1/2years. Marrying her put me back in to father mode again, my kids are both in their 30s.

We have three dogs a 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog who thinks she's everyones Mom (hers), a German Shepherd/Sneaky Neighbor dog who far to smart for is own good (mine) and a Chihuahua/Terrier mix with a Naploean Complex (the kids).

I first shot a rifle when I was 9, it was an M1 Garand my uncle had to hold up the front, it knocked me on my butt, but I got up and did it again and also shot his Mauser K98.

First .22 I owned was a Marlin single shot Woodchuck. since then I've had a 10/22, a Winchester 9422M and a AR-7, and a Marlin 925R. I remember what I did with each except the 10/22, but since in was gone around the time I married the Wicked Witch of the West it may have had something to do with that cursed union.

I shot usually once a week, alternating between my rifle, 4 pistols and one shotgun.

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Dude, you're in Rio Rancho?!?  I've been there a dozen times!  My sister and her family moved out there about 15 years ago.  Next time I'm out we need to get together for a lunch or a beer.

Ever been to the Turtle?    ;D  (Turtle Mountain is the real name, I think)

I've only been to Turtle Mountain a couple of times. My favorite restaurants in Rio Rancho are O'Hares Irish Pub, and the Pasta House. There is also a new one where the original Turtle mountain was called the Fat Squirrel, good food, but the service ain't much to write home about.

I've lived here for 6-1/2 years my wife for much longer. I moved here to settle down after I retired from the Air Force.

Ooh and you're on for lunch or the beer.

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