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NcStar Mark 3 Tactical- Not too bad!


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One day after a buddy of mine GIVES me a fairly nice carry-handle mounted scope for My Colt M4, I get a brand new NcStar Mark III "Tactical" 4x32 Weaver-mounted scope that I won online for $60 and free freight. I have read a LOT of conflicting reports on this scope, but for the money, I figured "what the hell". Well it turns out this thing ain't bad! And it's got some neat features the reviews don't mention (nor does the manual.) For one, the "quick-release" mounting lever is REVERSIBLE, so the lever doesn't get in the way of the charging handle when bringing the scope closer to the eye. The other nifty treat is the "open turret" windage knob can be "zeroed back" by loosening the set screw, pulling off the knob, and putting "0" back on top. I had the thing zeroed in less than 10 shots, and it has held zero after repeated removals and re-attaches. And the lighted reticles aren't overly bright except in the dark. Also, you CAN actually see a "shadow" of the front sight thru the scope without a riser block, but it isn't too noticeable. All in all, it seems like a very nice scope for the money! Any other opinions out there?

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Have you ever noticed the illumination on the crosshairs fade in and out when you fire a shot? It looks like mine does that sometimes. Might be dirty contacts in there somewhere. I've been experimenting with the "bullet drop compensator" using some low-velocity CB L.R. Remmington ammo. Seems like that feature might work pretty well with .22's once you figure out the trajectory of the bullet. CB ammo definitely has a "hand grenade" effect at different distances!

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