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wobble on the lower receiver


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been fondling the gun for a while, and all of a sudden, i noticed a little wobble(play) from the handle up to the lower receiver. i opened the gun up.. tried moving the inside-lower mechanism of the gun, and it does have a little play. if u guys get wut im sayin... is that normal?

and while i was cleaning it last week. i also noticed the 2 allen screws that holds that inside-lower mechanism piece together was loose. so i tighten it up.

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You mean the grip is loose, or the lower reciever isnt locked in against the upper reciever?

If its the grip, there is probably a screw inside the grip that will tighten that up. Im not sure because I dont have a umarex AR, but look at the bottom of the grip. Its either hollow with a screw/bolt up in there, or there is a cover that you can remove to access the screw/bolt.

If its the fit of the lower to the upper....not much you can do there. A gunsmith can probably peen the pin lugs a bit, or maybe shim it????

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