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GSG 5p SD conversion?

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I've noticed the SD conversion kit that is now available for GSG rifles.  I really like the look of the forearm/fake supressor, and would like to add it to my GSG 5p pistol.  My question....does the SD conversion kit work on the pistols?  I believe that the rifles have permanently attached fake supressors, so is the SD conversion supressor a "slip over" supressor?  How would I go about getting that same look for my 5p pistol?


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The SD parts will physically fit, but you would need the longer "carbine" barrel since this is what the SD suppressor housing is designed to cover.  You could of course screw the faux suppressor on with the short "P" barrel but chances are you'd quickly discover the tube to be grossly misaligned...a feature I suspect designed to prevent attempting to use a shorter barrel in a modified faux suppessor tube.

Having said all that, the real problem is your GSG started life as a "pistol" and I'm not sure you can legally transform it into a "rifle"...someone with more experience in the "SBR" business will have to advise on that one.

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