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Magazine Mod


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After I ordered a couple of 13 round magazine followers for my P22 I decided to mod the factory OEM mag.  I ground away a substantial portion, filed and fitted, and ended up with a 13 round follower that allows 14 rounds total to be carried in the P22.  I call that a worthwhile improvement.

I've actually SEEN a P22 mag that holds 15 for a total of 16 in the gun and I may end up there at some point as I experiment with enhancing capacity.

I can already tell that if one cares not for the slide lock feature, it would be VERY easy to cobble up a magazine extension that could easily bring capacity up to 20 rounds with little extension beyond the grip.

For sport shooting having a last round hold-open is nice, but many ultra concealable pocket .22's and .25's do not have a slide lock, so trading off the slide hold open for another 3 rounds is worth it from a true tactical standpoint.

I DID take photos but the file size is too large for them to post so I'll have to figure out how to reduce them so everyone can see 13 rounds in the mag.

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Well, when I CAN post the photos you will see the P22 mag stoked with 13 for a total of 14 "all up."

I've cycled it every which-a-way and it chambers flawlessly so I expect the same when shooting.

I hate to give up the slide hold open, but the added capacity is positively more important in "the field than any hold open.

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