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Was shooting my sig 522 today and ran into an issue. It appears some kind of clip that hold the spring on the rod in the bolt assembly came off. The bolt would not return foward after being cocked so I tore it down and found the spring twisted up inside. Just wondering if anyone has run into this problem before. I am going to call sig Tuesday and see about getting a new clip and spring.

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a few have reported the failure of E-clips on the bolt...u can pick up those e-clips at your local hardware store, pick up a few and keep it as a spare

or send it in to SIG and they will replace it with a lock pin rather than the e-clip (only on one side)



lock pin (on the other side)


hope that helps, i love this rifle and woul dhate for it to have any "disabilities"

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If you call Sig and tell them you have a broken e-clip, I've heard that they'll ship you a redesigned guide rod which fixes the problem.

i have the new version of the bolt assembly, and i believe they only "pin" the bolt side and the buffer side is still held on by Eclips

save yourself the hassle and just keep extra eclips and inspect after every range trip

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