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Game Cameras used for securtiy purposes..


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My and my brother have a problem. We own a couple of hundred acres in Mississippi. We got it fixed up pretty nice, with a 32 foot travel trailer parked on it, water and sewer permantly hooked up, and in addition we built a 900 square foot cabin. We keep the washer, dryer, sink, refrigerator in the cabin and basically sleep in the camper.

Been that way for years, with no problems. Across the road there was an old country store from our place, where an old couple my parents had known for years, owned and operated it. Unfortunately they died a couple of years ago,  and we have had hell keeping the place togther since then. They looked out for the place, and if they saw anybody enter the long 1/3 mile driveway, would get in their car and see what the hell was going on.

Since they have passed on, the places are getting broken into about every month. Kids I think. They just break in and destroy stuff. I have called the county sherriff numerous times, and we have a good idea it's some kids that live in a little community about 1/4 mile from the property, but haven't been able to prove it.

Really a drag. Used to be, just go over, set up, hunt, run trot lines in the Pearl river, 4 wheelers etc..Since they died, every time we go, we have to spend all our time fixing the place up, only to hear that it's  been broken into and torn up within a month. Kind of ruins the idea of a vacation.

The place is devided up in two sections. Where the lodgings are is a 140 acre tract, and then there is another tract of 75 acres about 4 miles from the 1st. It's gotten so bad, I'm thinking about just moving the camper and camp house over to the place 4 miles away to see if I can get some relief.

Then I got the idea of mounting and camoflaging game cameras in the surrounding trees, and inside the places. You guys got any other ideas?

I go about 4 to 5 times a year, but it's really getting to be a drag having to work and clean up vandalism and theft every trip..


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ok how about a driveway sensor for a screaming alarm and flashing lights. Also a traditional alarm with glass break sensors, motion sensors, lights and alarms. It can all be made wireless and it's very good. Honeywell Vista 20P. You can do all the programming yourself. You can even program it while at home and then just install it at the site.

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