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Target hammer

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I put the complete Volq trigger pack in mine and it sure runs smoooooth now. Verry easy parts to put in. IIRC, I used a small punch to line it up to put the pins back in.

Just changed scopes on it so need to get out and sight it in again. I also pinned my trigger group/action to my stock and have not shot it yet.

Gotta "Gitterdone"!

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Hey Gramps, I was curious, did you pin the actual trigger group to the stock?  How did you go about doing that and how did it looks?  I have used the Kidd pin set on one of my setups that provides a slack free fit between the reciever and the trigger group, but have never seen anyone pin direct to a stock.  Just curious how it worked out for you, I am always looking for new ideas!

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Yes I pinned the trigger group and action to the stock. Some people use the aluminum binder pins that are for putting paper together in a binder, but I could not find the correct length for my customized Fajen stock, so I bought some I think 3/16 round stock and took my drill press, bored each end and tapped them for some allen head pan screws from the hardware store too. It was a bit tricky getting the holes centered to drill and tap, but I had 3' of stock left to get it right. Then I put the action back into the stock and held it very tight, while taking a allen wrench that was just the same size and using a mini torch, heated up the small end of the wrench, and from the bottom of the stock, without the trigger group just the action in I burned a small hole thru the stock in the holes that the trigger group pins the action/stock together. I had cut the pin to be just 1/16" shorter than the stock, so that I could tighten them up secure enough to stay put. Some people do the front and back, I just did the back one. I may have read about how someone else did it on "Rimfire Cental.com". I have not bedded the barrel or action, just did this for now.

Hear is a pick of mine done.


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FINALLY got this in, damn I'm a procrastinator.

Anyway, my friend and I installed this Friday night after a session at the range.  We replaced the hammer and bushings, the hammer spring and the trigger spring (didn't need the shims).

We measured the trigger pull before tearing it down, it was 7lb 9oz, so heavy!  That's the major reason I wanted to do this.  We measured again after getting it all back together - 1lb 8oz.  Wow, what a difference.

So, we went to the range again Saturday (had to try it out!) and the trigger pull was so different, very clean.  However, we had a problem - the action would cycle but the trigger would not reset.  The round would fire, the next round would cycle into battery, but I had to cycle the action by hand to get the trigger to reset.

Sunday we tore it back down and compared the replacement parts to the factory parts.  It turned out the replacement trigger spring was shorter than the factory spring, by a good amount.  I'm surprised I didn't see that Friday night.  So we dropped the factory trigger spring back in and measured again.  Now it is 2lb 15oz and still 10x better than what it was.

Went back down to the range and everything worked like a charm, trigger pull is very nice at 3 lbs, the action cycles flawlessly, all is well.  I recommend this kit for your 10/22!

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