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Targets?? What are you shooting?


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What are you guys using as targets. With a .22 there are a lot of options.Shooting paper targets is great for zeroing your optics. But for me it got a little boring. I wanted a reaction from my target. So I bought a target that has 3 different sized paddles and the spin around when you hit them. Then I bought a reset target that has 4 paddles that you shoot and they stay up until you shoot the 5th paddle to reset them. I also bought a 10 inch self-healing gong for longer-range (100 yards). I've bought cases of bottled water from Walmart to shoot. Lately I've been buying a 15 pound bag of potatoes for less than $5. The nice thing about potatoes is you don't have to clean them up, unlike bottled water. Not only that, with the hollow point round, they blow up! I'm interested in hearing about what kind of things you guys are using as targets.

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One of the best reactionary targets I've used is Golf Balls... The 22lr will make the balls jump without tearing it up too much. I'd throw a ball out about 15 to 20 feet then start plinking. A direct hit will make the ball jump further away increasing the challenge. Where I was shooting the range was sand so the balls would at times fall into a foot print, the trick here would be to shoot through the sand to hit the ball and move it to a better location. We would start shooting with our pistols and then switch to rifles when the balls were out there a ways. These are excellent trainers as you learn how your gun shoots at various ranges and the use of Kentucky windage. I had six ball in my range bag that lasted a couple years before they became too ragged. Yes, centerfire cartridges do tear them up quite quickly.

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